Get insights to your survey data.

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Your SurveyMonkey data is used for customer satisfaction and employee engagement analysis. You now no longer need to live with a narrow range of default reports. Get started immediately, with Crunch Data’s C-CONNECT™.  In a matter of weeks, we’ll get your organization connected and accessible from Qlik Sense® and QlikView®, allowing you to generate powerful insights which help to drive informed decisions and professional reports for your business.


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This app requires access to:
  • View collectors for your surveys and those shared with you
  • View if surveys in your account have responses and their metadata
  • View your contacts and contact lists
  • View answers along with responses
  • View your surveys and those shared with you
  • View teams you belong to
  • View webhooks to receive notifications when there are changes in your account
  • View your library of survey themes and templates
  • View your user information

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