Dear Graduate,
FTCC would like your impressions of the college. This survey will help us to improve for others who will follow you. Through your feedback FTCC is able to determine how successful our programs have been and whether changes and/or improvements should be made.

* 1. The following data is collected for the yearly Job Placement Report. FTCC's Board of Trustees and the
President would like to know how successful our graduates are once they have graduated from FTCC. Your answers will be protected from 3rd parties and will only be used to average data (i.e. salaries, employers who hire FTCC graduates, percentage working in Cumberland County, etc.). Your answers also provide the information that is used in the program brochures so future students have insight into College programs/curriculums.

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. What is your ethnicity? (Please select all that apply.)

* 4. What is your current employment status?

* 5. Are you active military? 

* 6. If yes, what branch of service?

* 7. Are you currently stationed at Ft. Bragg? If no, where are you currently stationed at?

* 8. If you are active military, are you graduating with an Associate in General Education?

* 9. If you checked "unemployed but seeking" would you like the Career/JOBS Center to contact you about help with resume writing skills, job search and placement assistance?

* 10. If you are currently employed:

* 11. If currently employed, is your employment directly related to your field of study at FTCC?

* 12. To help our future students understand anticipated salaries in the local job market, please include salary information. This information remains confidential and is used only to calculate averages for jobs associated to your FTCC program of study (Please give annual OR hourly salary).

* 13. If employed, is your place of employment in Cumberland County?

* 14.  My goal(s) for attending FTCC were: (Check all that apply)

* 15.  I accomplished my goals (check one):

* 16. If you did NOT accomplish your goal(s), which of the following best describes why you did not achieve your goal(s)?

* 17. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements:

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Don't Know
a. I feel confident in my ability to communicate effectively in speaking, writing, reading and listening.
b. I feel confident in my ability to think critically when analyzing problems and making decisions.
c. My cultural awareness and socialization skills have prepared me for the changing global environment of the 21st century.
d. I feel confident in my ability to use and process quantitative information.
e. I consider myself to be computer literate.