About the 1Million Project

The District announced a new partnership with the 1Million Project Foundation to provide low-income high school students with free hotspots that will allow free access to high-speed Internet for up to four years. 

With network support from Sprint, the 1Million Project Foundation’s mission is to help one million high school students who do not have reliable home Internet access achieve their full potential by giving them devices and free high-speed mobile Internet access. By providing free connectivity for up to 4 years they are helping eliminate the homework gap that can exist among low-income families.

Eligible students will receive a free hotspot along with: 
  • 10GB of free high-speed wireless data each month 
  • Free, regularly-updated Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant content filter with every device 
The 1Million Project will NOT: 
  • Charge you or your child 
  • Capture any personal identifiable information about your family while they participate in the program 
District 204’s mission is to inspire all students to achieve their greatest potential. With help from this program, the District is making tremendous progress in ensuring equity of opportunity for all. Students who previously faced challenges in connectivity outside of school will be now be able to complete homework assignments, collaborate online with other students, communicate with teachers, study for the SAT and more.

The 1Million Project Foundation will need your child’s name and limited demographic information. They will not ask for your address or any other information about you or your family. Students who qualify will receive their hotspots in August during your high school’s readiness day.
If you have any questions, please contact our Technology Services team at techplan@ipsd.org.

Adam Smeets
Chief Technology Officer
Indian Prairie School District 204