Each library location that received a mini-grant must submit a *separate* report. This report is only for libraries that received a Mini-grant for their 2014 Summer Reading Program.

Please save your responses in a Word or other document BEFORE submitting them here so your data is secure. You will not receive an email confirmation that your report has been submitted.

Contact Beth Crist at crist_b@cde.state.co.us or 303-866-6908 with questions. Thank you for submitting your mini-grant report!

Please don't forget! As a requirement of this grant, your library must provide copies of the receipts from your mini-grant purchases, including purchases with your matching funds. Please scan and email them to kazyaka_a@cde.state.co.us, fax to 303-866-6940, courier to C912, or mail copies to Colorado State Library, Attn: Ashley Kazyaka, 201 E Colfax Ave, Room 309, Denver, CO 80203.

The report and receipts are due September 18, 2014.

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Describe results relevant to your Outcomes Based Evaluation (OBE) statement(s): (this must relate directly back to your OBE, and your answer needs to be specific)

* 3. How did you evaluate or measure your program outcomes?

* 4. How did your library spend your mini-grant funds (such as books, STEM equipment for programs, STEM equipment to circulate, etc)? Please list types of books--for instance, books for teens about science, books with science experiments, etc. (but there's no need to list titles), and/or types of equipment (such as circuitry kits, telescopes, etc.).

* 5. How did you use the books and/or STEM equipment that you purchased with your mini-grant funds?
(Examples: added the books to our collection; highlighted the new books in displays or by reading them in storytimes; offered circuitry programs for teens; circulated binoculars for bird watching; etc.).

* 6. How helpful was this grant to your library's Summer Reading Program?

* 7. In relation to your Summer Reading Program, did your library:

  Yes No
Provide outreach to schools and/or community programs?
Establish at least 1 new partnership (schools, community organizations, social services, business sponsors/partners, etc.)?
Increase community visibility?

* 8. If applicable, describe any partnerships that you developed or strengthened as a direct result of the mini-grant.

* 9. Tell us a story or two about your Summer Reading Program.
(For example: comments from parents and children, events that you offered, a particularly successful partnership, etc.).

* 10. May we share your stories?

* 11. Please tell us how we can make this mini-grant program more successful and useful to your library in the future.

Thanks for submitting your report! As the State Library passes these federal funds to your library, this reporting from each grantee is required. We'll also use this input to try to improve the program and continue the funding for the future.