Please submit ONLY ONE report *per library jurisdiction*.

The Colorado State Library collects statewide data about summer reading programs from all of the state's public libraries, and your input is very important! Please complete the annual evaluation below to report your library jurisdiction's 2014 summer reading program numbers and stories. Contact Beth Crist at or 303-866-6908 with any questions.

Please note there is no way to save your answers after you submit your responses, so you may wish to save your responses in a Word or other document BEFORE submitting them here. You will not receive an email confirmation that you successfully submitted your report.

Once you submit your report, you're automatically registered for the 2015 summer reading program!

Due Monday, September 1, 2014. Thank you!

* 1. Contact information:

* 2. Did your library jurisdiction offer a summer reading program for CHILDREN?

* 3. Did your library use the statewide CHILDREN'S theme "Fizz, Boom, Read"?

* 4. Number of CHILDREN registered (type N/A if not applicable):

* 5. Did your library jurisdiction offer a summer reading program for TEENS?

* 6. If so, did your library use the statewide TEEN theme "Spark a Reaction"?

* 7. Number of TEENS registered (type N/A if not applicable):

* 8. Did your library jurisdiction offer a summer reading program for ADULTS?

* 9. If so, did your library use the statewide ADULT theme "Literary Elements"?

* 10. Number of ADULTS registered (type N/A if not applicable):

* 11. Number of summer reading program events:
(Events include all storytimes, family programs, special SRP programs, etc.)

* 12. Total attendance at summer reading program events:
(Attendance at children's programs includes the number of adults who attended, too.)

* 13. Did your library partner / collaborate with your local public schools and/or other organizations or businesses for your summer reading program?

* 14. Briefly describe the partnership(s), if applicable (please include if you partnered with your local Summer Food Service Program).

* 15. Did you change the structure of your summer reading program this year (for instance, did you change your incentives, how you track reading or activities, add an age group, add badges, etc.)? If so, please briefly describe the changes and if you felt they were successful.

* 16. Tell us your summer reading success stories!

* 17. May we share your stories?

* 18. Do you have a tip to share with your colleagues across the state on any aspect of planning or running a summer reading program?

* 19. Do you know of a great summer reading performer you want to share with your colleagues? Please include the performer’s contact info, why you recommend them, and a brief description of the performance.

Thank you for completing the 2014 Colorado Summer Reading Program evaluation! Your responses go a long way to continue statewide funding for the program, as well as insight into how to improve it in future years.