Thank you for taking the time to participate in this important survey from the Florida Commission on Access to Civil Justice.This survey is designed to receive information from Floridians concerning their experience when accessing the civil court and self-help services in each of Florida’s 67 counties. Self-help is defined as services that connect court users with assistance and provide access, information and resources to court users representing themselves.

Be assured that your responses are completely anonymous. Responses to anonymous surveys cannot be traced back to the respondent. No personally identifiable information is captured unless you voluntarily offer personal or contact information in any of the comment fields. Additionally, your responses are combined with those of many others and summarized in a report to further protect your anonymity.

Please complete the following questions by checking the appropriate response category or by filling in the blank.

* 2. Prior to filing your case or document, what level of knowledge did you have about the court procedures?

* 3. Was this your first time going to court on a personal matter?

* 4. Prior to filing your case or document, did you know where to find help and/or resources?

* 5. Are you suffering from any financial hardship?

* 6. Are you in need of any financial counseling or advice?

* 7. Do you know how/where to find financial counseling or advice in your county?

* 8. For what type of case are you seeking legal help?  (Select All That Apply) 

* 9. What stage is your case in the court process?

* 10. From which group did you receive assistance? (Select All That Apply)

* 11. What specific general services and/or resources were you seeking?  (Select All That Apply)

* 12. What specific forms/documents services and/or resources were you seeking?  (Select All That Apply)

* 13. What specific legal process services and/or resources were you seeking?  (Select All That Apply)

* 14. How did you receive services in your county?  (Select All That Apply)

* 15. Did services provided in your case help with the following? (Select All That Apply)

* 16. What is your overall satisfaction with the services you received?

* 17. What forms and other documents did you use as you worked on your case?  (Select All That Apply)

* 18. Were instructions included with the forms you received?

* 19. Were the instructions in filling out the forms simple to read and understand?

* 20. Did you previously know that all family law forms are available for free on the Florida Supreme Court's website?

* 21. Are there services you did not receive that would have been helpful to you?

* 22. What type(s) of technology did you use?  (Select All That Apply)

* 23. How much did dealing with your legal issue negatively affect your performance at work?

* 24. How much time did you miss from work because of your legal issue?

* 25. Were you charged fees for any of the services you received?

* 26. How reasonable are the fees charged for services?

* 27. Would you being willing to pay a flat fee for legal help?

* 28. In which cases would you be willing to pay a flat fee for legal help?  (Select All That Apply)

* 29. If yes, please indicate the monetary amount of the flat fee that you would be willing to pay for legal help:

* 30. If you had the option of going to a website that would ask you certain questions about your legal issues and then direct you to legal and non-legal resources in your area that may help you, would you use it?

* 31. Please provide any additional comments or suggestions for services provided in your county:

* 32. What is your gender?

* 33. Which of the following categories includes your age?

* 34. Which of the following best describes your current status?

* 35. How many children under the age of 18 live in your household?

* 36. What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed?

* 37. What is your primary language?

* 38. On average, what is your total monthly household income before taxes? (This includes all income sources including child support, alimony, and social security)

This is the end of the survey. Please click 'Submit' and thank you for your input.