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Thank you for your participation in the Protiviti and Utica College 2nd Annual White Collar Crime and Fraud Risk Survey. The purpose of this survey is to collect, analyze and then report upon relevant information about white collar crime as it affects commercial enterprises, the controls that organizations utilize in an effort to mitigate those risks, and other factors that help or inhibit the ability of businesses to deter, detect, investigate and report white collar crime and corruption. The final report will enable executives to better understand and respond to white collar crime and manage their fraud and corruption risk.   

We hope that you will be willing to complete the survey, which should take you approximately 15 minutes. 

Note:  While we intend to publish our analysis of the results, which we hope will provide executives responsible for investigations and risk mitigation with valuable insights, we also plan on providing survey participants with an advance copy of the report, well in advance of when it is released to the public.

In order to receive an advance copy, survey participants will need to provide their contact information, which will then enable us to know which participants requested advance copies. The names and contact information will only be used to distribute the advance copies and not for any other purposes. You will also note that the survey requests demographic information about the person completing it. This information is being collected only for the purpose of providing richer detail in terms of the perspective of the survey participants and any possible disparities in response between people with different job titles, within certain industries, in various parts of the world, etc. The demographic information collected will be used exclusively to assist us in analyzing the results and presenting the findings in as interesting and varied a way as possible.