1. Introduction

Welcome to CCSA's 2017 Charter School Member Satisfaction Survey!

Thank you for completing this survey. We value your opinions and your response to the 10 questions in this survey will help us assess member satisfaction as well as guide future work.

At the end of this survey, your school can enter a drawing for great prizes:
  • $250 discount off 2018 membership dues
  • $250 Gift Cards for products from our BuyQ partner, S&S Worldwide
  • Registration and Travel Package* for the 2018 California Charter Schools Conference (San Diego, CA)

Some basic information before you get started:
  • This survey will take approximately 10 minutes and should be completed by the primary contact at the Charter Management Organization/network or by the school leader if a single-site school
  • This survey is confidential. Aggregate responses will be shared with members in the fall, but we will not identify you or your school in connection with responses to this survey without permission. In addition, CCSA program staff may use your feedback to better support your school.
  • Participation is voluntary and will not affect your membership with CCSA.

Thank you again for your time. If you have any questions about completing this survey, please email membership@ccsa.org.

*Up to $500 toward travel and lodging