Come for a great dinner and valuable information about ‘Life after Residency'

ENT and Allergy Associates is committed to meeting the growing demand for specialist and sub-specialist care throughout the many communities in which we practice.  And we are seeking the best and the brightest residents and fellows to fill those opportunities. Join our CEO, Robert Glazer, for a delicious dinner and important discussion/Q&A-in the Summer and Fall of 2017-about career next steps. It will definitely be worth your time.

List of Venues and Dates as Follows:
1.      New York City… Wednesday, August 9th…Orsay Restaurant (1057 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10021) at 7:00pm

2.      Albany, NY…Thursday, August 14th at Angelo’s 677 Prime (677 Broadway, Albany, NY) at 7:00pm

3.      Burlington, VT…Tuesday, August 15th …EB Strong’s Steakhouse (16 Church Street, Burlington, VT) at 7:00pm

4.      Boston, MA…Wednesday, August 16th …The Palm Restaurant (One International Place, Boston, MA) @ 700pm

5.      Baltimore, MD…Monday, August 28th …Capital Grille (500 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD) at 7:00pm

6.      Philadelphia, PA…Tuesday, August 29th…The Palm Restaurant (200 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA) at 7:00pm

7.      New York City # 2…Wednesday, September 27…Ben and Jacks Steak House (255 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016) at 7:00pm

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