Women have suffered ill-treatment and felt diminished in various walks of life.  In a society seeped in patriarchy and full of people with deviant mindset, the battle to cleanse attitudes, mindsets and prejudices is going to be long drawn one.  

Given that in most countries, women earned ‘at par’ right to livelihood ahead of other citizenship rights, the emergence of #MeToo voice in workplaces is an encouraging sign.

The #MeToo movement hopefully turns the tables and passes the sense of shame & blame to violators rather than the victims. However, a few loud voices bereft of the voice of silent majority (for every #MeToo voice there are thousands who have remained silent) may trigger more unfound biases. 

With a view to counter above, there’s a need to hear more working women’s voices that could help
  • Avoid creation of rumors & myths
  • Develop insights about
             o   Modus operandi of perpetrators
             o   Narratives of brave women who successfully dealt with advancements/ misdemeanors 
             o   Establish the gravity of malady without bias or prejudice
  • Evolve a robust mechanisms for organizations to make safer workplaces
We do hope this survey will evolve a script and syntax that will be used by organizations to strengthen and fortify a woman’s repertoire enhancing her dignity & self-worth. 

Thank you for taking this 5-10 min survey.