Like all councils, we're facing a further reduction in our government grant for the next financial year, meaning we have less money to pay for public services. 
The council currently has a budget of £470m. However £283m of that is non-controllable spending. This includes items that can't be reduced, such as housing benefit and other benefits, pension obligations, borrowing costs and government funding that can only be spent on specific projects.

That leaves us with £179m of controllable spending, over the next three years starting in April 2019, we need to make £12m of savings from this amount. This means more difficult decisions on spending.
We'd like to hear your views on budget allocation - please complete the following survey before 28 October 2018. 
All data collected will be made anonymous and not shared with anyone outside Portsmouth City Council. We will store your data in line with PCC's data protection policy.  
Thank you for taking part.