The 2019 Global State of Innovation Survey

Welcome to this survey. Thank you again for agreeing to participate in this landmark survey. The survey is brief and should take less than 15 minutes to complete. If you have previously responded to this survey, please do not respond again.
All the questions are directed at understanding the innovation culture at your organization or division. Please attempt to answer all the questions. When answering the questions, please provide the best possible response in consideration of your understanding of the current situation, as opposed to your desired or past perceptions within your organization or division. If you do not have an answer to a question or a question is not relevant, please do not respond to that question, and move on to the next question. CONFIDENTIALITY: THE INFORMATION IN THIS SURVEY WILL NOT BE ATTRIBUTED TO YOU OR YOUR COMPANY WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT.
Please respond no later than May 17th, 2019. 
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