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Welcome to the 2020 ASCO Survey of Oncology Practice Operations.

This survey has been developed by the ASCO Clinical Affairs department to collect and report data important to today's oncology practices. To receive the full value of survey participation, complete as much of the survey as you can and be as accurate as possible.  Don't guess at your numbers - that provides no value for you or for other survey respondents.  We will use your data to develop valid benchmarks that will help you know how your practice compares to others.

If you do not have access to data required to complete the entire survey, incomplete surveys will be accepted. Again, be as accurate as possible.


All responses should be for calendar year 2019 or your most recently completed 12-month accounting period.

Unless otherwise specified, please answer all questions for the hematology/oncology division of your practice or institution.  A small number of radiation oncology questions are included; this section will be expanded in the future. Definitions are provided in the survey tool.


When navigating through the survey, please use the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of each page.  DO NOT USE your browser's Back button.

If you start the survey but cannot complete it in one session, simply click on "Exit" in the top right corner of the screen.  Use the same computer to log back into the survey, and you will be taken to your partially completed survey for completion.


As you answer the survey questions, be sure to be consistent in your responses. For example, the number of FTE hematology/oncology physicians should match the wRVU reported and the revenue generated from that wRVU. One common situation is a practice where some percentage of physician time is spent providing services under a different contract and those services are not included in the wRVU being reported in the survey. In that instance, be sure to adjust the FTE HemOnc count accordingly.


Provide all financial responses as whole dollars; do not use dollar signs, commas, or periods in your responses.

CORRECT: 5125750
INCORRECT: $5,125,750.00

Report all FTEs rounded to two decimal places (e.g. 4.75)


For questions about definitions or specific data fields, or technical questions regarding the survey tool, contact David Harter.