General Terms and Conditions for the SAIS2020 Africa Cup

Thank you for entering the SAIS2020 Competitions.

Below are general Terms and Conditions and information to assist you in completing your application successfully. 

  • The SAIS, and its partners, reserve the right by its sole discretion not to accept entries should they have been made by illegitimate, suspicious, and/or unqualified participants. Additional documentation may be requested during the review process as proof of information provided in the application.
  • Fully completed application forms will be reviewed. Any entries with missing information will be automatically disqualified. Should a question not apply to you, indicate by selecting "I do not have this information" or by typing "N/A".
  • Any entries that do not meet the criteria for the competition entered will be automatically disqualified. Entrants to ensure their business meets the competition requirements before completing the relevant form
  • Entrants to ensure concepts are protected - competitions are non-confidential. Concepts will be viewed by the public and therefore important to not divulge the know-how e.g. formula, code etc.
  • By entering the competition, you give the SAIS permission to use images, footage and other visuals collected during the pitch on social media, website and other relevant platforms.
  • Travel and accommodation costs will be the responsibility of the finalists themselves.
  • If an investment offer is made, due diligence will be undertaken and the potential investors have the right to request for documentation. Should the information provided in the entry form be a misrepresentation of the business, the investors can withdraw their offer.

The entry form questions are largely Multiple Choice and they are designed to enable potential investors to assess the investability of your business. The form consists of 4 sections:

  1. General Information - basic information about the founders and the company.
  2. Growth Potential and Industry Experience - revenue and business plan
  3. Market Dynamics - product competitiveness and market analysis.
  4. Passion, Commitment and Planning - Founders's passion and elevator pitch.

Should you not have the time to complete the form in one go, you can exit and return to the form at a later stage provided the same browser is used. Your information will be saved and you can pick up where you left off.
It is imperative to familiarise yourself with the concepts and terms asked in the entry form to ensure the correct and relevant information is provided, and for the evaluators to make a well informed decision. Ensure that the business/product/service you are entering meets the competition criteria.

The SAIS Competitions Team has created a Start-Up Concept Guide to assist you when answering the application questions. Please take your time to read through this. Should there be any terms you do not understand and the Concept Guide does contain the information you require, you are welcome to contact the team to assist.

Start-Up Concept Guide: https://innovationsummit.co.za/concept-guide-1/

The team will notify you when the evaluation process has begun after applications close on 30 June 2020. They will also contact you to notify you of the outcome of your entry and with feedback after the first round of evaluations.

Good luck!

SAIS Competitions Team
+27 78 630 2589

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I have read and understood the above SAIS2020 Competitions Terms & Conditions. I understand that this is a public competition and that images and information about my submission might be published on social media to get traction. Any information incomplete or incorrect information provided by myself will result in automatic disqualification.

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