Thank for your interest in the NCF Summer 2021 Teacher Scholarship Program.

About NCF
The National Cryptologic Foundation (NCF) vision is to influence the cryptologic future by sharing educational resources, stimulating new knowledge, and commemorating our heritage. As a Foundation dedicated to education, we are pleased to bring a wealth of assured-quality cyber education resources to the K-20 education community.
NCF and High School Cybersecurity
Over the past two years, NCF has played a pivotal role in the development of High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines. The NCF High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines (HSCCG) were created so that curriculum providers, teachers, and industry could create and deliver engaging and relevant cybersecurity curriculum that will attract high school students to study and pursue a profession in cybersecurity. Just two short years later, NCF has partnered with Teach Cyber to bring these guidelines to life through courseware that is available to high school educators at no cost. Launched in Fall 2020, Teach Cyber is now in use in 48 states by ~400 educators. Teach Cyber is supporting teachers’ use of the curriculum by offering Teacher Professional Development to build teachers’ understanding of this new, emerging field of cybersecurity and prepare teachers to teach cybersecurity in the 2021-22 Academic Year. 

Available Scholarships

LEARN CYBERSECURITY Workshops (40 Scholarships available)
Build Your cybersecurity knowledge with one or more of our one-day LEARN CYBERSECURITY Workshops.

     July 6th: Why Cybersecurity Matters
     July 7th: Data Security
     July 8th: System Security
     July 9th: Ubiquitous Connectivity and Security
These $275 scholarships will support attendance in the workshop plus an additional 10 hours to build competency with cybersecurity labs on the U.S. Cyber Range.

(10 Scholarships available)
Get ready to use the Teach Cyber Courseware through our week-long TEACH CYBERSECURITY Workshop.

     July 26th-30th

These $2,200 scholarships will support attendance in the workshop plus utilization of the U.S. Cyber Range in your AY 2021-22 Cybersecurity Course for you and your students.
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