Welcome to the Online Application for the
Alameda County ARTSFUND Grant Program
Application Submission Deadline is Tuesday, February 8, 2022, 5:00 pm

Application Instructions

This ARTSFUND Grant Program Application includes a program overview, applicant eligibility requirements, application requirements, evaluation process, and the terms and conditions. Applicants can download of copy of the ARTSFUND Guidelines with this same information here. 

Applicants can preview this Online Application by viewing each page without submitting any information, and then closing the application. When preparing to submit an application, organizations should complete the answers to the narrative questions in a separate document and collect all of the required documents. Once the information is compiled, organizations can submit an application by following the next steps: (1) Go to the online application; (2) Enter the organization information and your answers to the narrative questions; (3) Upload all the required documents; (4) Submit the whole application by clicking on the “Final Submission” button on the last page. Applicants must complete all four steps during one session. When moving through the application, use the buttons on the bottom of each page "Previous Page" and "Next Page"; do not use the "back" bottom on your web browser. The online application system does not let users partially complete the application and then return during multiple work sessions.

For returning ARTSFUND applicants, please note that the 2022 application requirements and process differs from previous years. The 2022 ARTSFUND application is shorter and requires fewer submitted documents. This year, there is no separate narrative form to download and complete. Answers to all questions will be entered directly into the online application system.

Questions and More Information 

For questions and more information about the ARTSFUND Grant Program and how to submit an application, applicants may attend a free webinar on Tues., Nov. 16 at 1:00 pm, Fri., Dec. 10 at 3:00 pm, Thurs., Jan. 6 at 10:00 am. To learn more please visit the Arts Commission ARTSFUND website. Additionally, applicants who have questions or need assistance with the application can contact the Arts Commission Director, Rachel Osajima via email or (510) 271-5162, (510) 208-9646. No in-person application workshops will be provided this year.