Eurofins Alba Science have a potential 8 Week Study for males and females aged 18-45 who experience spots and blemishes on your skin. So we can send you more information and contact you about this study please note your interest below and we will be in touch!
Please note that you should complete this questionnaire to note your interest in our upcoming study but we would also need to register with Eurofins Alba Science before your participate in studies. We can help you with this or you can register by visiting our website ensure you have read the information on our website, Click here to visit our website.

Please note that for this study you must be able and prepared to attend our test centre in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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* 1. Completing this questionnaire I understand any personal information I provide will be stored within Eurofins Alba Science electronic network.

Please note Eurofins Alba Science will NOT share your personally identifiable information (PII) with any third parties.
Data captured during tests/studies that you take part in will be handled in accordance with the study specific information sheets and consents which you will be provided prior to participation.

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