Eurofins Alba Science are recruiting a scalp screening assessment study - Study 216235.
If you can please complete this short questionnaire to apply if you would like to take part in this study.  Within this questionnaire you will be able to read the study overview and complete basic screening questions.
Depending on your answers to these question you may or may not be eligible to take part in the study.  For some of the questions the survey will inform you if you are not eligible by disqualifying you from the survey.

Please note if you are ineligible for this study it does not mean you would not be suitable for another.
If you have any questions you can email us at or call us on 0800 756 1046.
Thank you!

Question Title

* 1. I can confirm I have read the study information below and I believe that I am eligible for this study and would like to apply to take part.(Please note you must be able to attend in person to our test centre in Edinburgh, Scotland)

Question Title

* 2. Are you already registered with us?

STUDY TYPE: 216235 - Scalp Screening Assessment Study

Study Summary:

Eurofins Alba are looking for volunteers aged 18-75 to take part in a scalp assessment screening study.

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the present capabilities within the Eurofins Alba volunteer database for dandruff studies and build/expand the database with regards to volunteers with dry/dandruff scalp.

You will be invited to attend one visit to the study centre based in Edinburgh, Broughton Street (EH1) for a visual assessment of their scalp condition, additionally, they will complete a questionnaire on their scalp and hair condition.

At Eurofins Alba, we are looking to grow our existing volunteer database, specifically looking for volunteers who would be willing and eligible to participate in dandruff studies. Such studies may involve washing your hair in a split scalp fashion, using a test shampoo on one side of your head and a control shampoo on the other, in place of your usual shampoo, for up to 4 weeks.

On completion of the study scalp assessment data and scalp questionnaire data will be provided to the Sponsor of the study to help with future study designs.

Study Dates:

You will be required to attend one visit to the test centre up to 1 hour at our test centre in Broughton Street, Edinburgh.

Appointments available from 22 February 2024 until 01 March 2024

Volunteer Expenses: Subjects will receive £25 for their time on this study.