Welcome to the Mini-Diagnostic Inventory

VitalInsight™ technology has organized best practices in education into five Sectors: Adult and Student Learning, Data & Metrics, Parent & Stakeholder Engagement, School Safety and Security, and Shared Leadership.

Sectors are a convenient way to organize research-based best practices that impact performance at district, school, team, classroom, and individual levels. The Mini-Diagnostic Inventory examines just two Sectors responsible for providing support for learning—Parent & Stakeholder Engagement and School Safety & Security.

The purpose is to explore the knowledge, experience, and aspirations of respondents regarding best practices in these two Sectors. Based on analysis of the responses, reports provide district and school leaders with strategies proven to positively impact performance.

Carefully read each descriptor and select the value on a five point scale that most accurately reflects the school’s current circumstances. Do not over think your responses. Your first instincts are typically most reliable. 

We thank you for your participation.
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