Immediate Action Required to Correct Potential Burn Risk and Device Damage

A bug was discovered in certain LF2 and LF2+ firmware versions, which may cause permanent damage to your device and pose a fire or burn risk due to fan malfunction. 

In order to safely use your LF2 or LF2+ device, the firmware on your device must be updated.

This issue does NOT affect LFC Devices.

This affects LF2 and LF2+ devices which have been updated to firmware versions 0.10.6, 2.1.19, and 2.1.22.

If you haven't updated to firmware version 2.1.23 or later: 
  • You should immediately unplug the device from the wall and discontinue use until you can update the firmware using these instructions.
If you have sold the device to another owner:
  • You should contact the new owner with these instructions.
If you need assistance: 
  • Unplug your device from the wall and contact to schedule a discussion with a support representative.
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