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By now we’ve come to understand that the idea of a “new normal” after COVID was at least premature. The hybrid environment we now work in requires – at least for the near term – a series of ongoing adjustments and mindset changes.

The question is no longer, “What will the new normal look like?” It’s, “What is your strategy for adapting and evolving?”

Brandon Hall Group has conducted research on the evolution of work since the COVID-19 pandemic began more than 18 months ago. In this new study, we want to understand how you are adapting to the hybrid world of work. A few of the things we want to learn include how you are:
  • Balancing remote work and office-based work.
  • Exploring what employees want from hybrid work and addressing their concerns.
  • Managing the predicted turnover surge.
  • Adjusting hiring strategies and priorities.
From the insights you provide, we will create reports and tools to help organizations optimize their hybrid work strategies. In appreciation for taking 10 minutes to share your opinions, we will:
  • Enter you into a drawing for a $150 Amazon gift card and $100 Amazon gift card.
  • Share summary results of the research (About 5-7 weeks after survey launch).
  • Provide immediate download access to the Brandon Hall Group research, 5 Strategies to Effectively Manage Uncertainty.
Your survey responses remain completely confidential and your name is not given to external parties nor associated with any responses. Survey findings will only be reported in aggregate. If you agree to answer a few questions by phone, you may also be contacted by Brandon Hall Group staff to request a confidential, qualitative research interview by an analyst.

Stay healthy and safe,
Claude Werder
Senior VP and Principal HCM Analyst
Brandon Hall Group