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Do you have a strong self-development culture? Do your employees engage in continuous learning and have a supporting system (or a process) built for that? Are you ready to address changing business and workforce needs?

Around 40% of skills in the average job will change by 2025.* Yet still it is very hard to figure out which skills we should train our employees for as well as keep training programmes up to date. 

That is why employers globally are turning to empowering a culture of self-development and continuous learning. This culture is self-directed with the responsibility of learning being transferred from instructor to the learner. It prepares employees for continuously adapting their skillset for the future as well as helps them address their own learning needs.

Fill out this 7-min assessment and figure out your organization's maturity when it comes to continuous learning &  self-development culture. 

*(World Economic Forum, 2020). 
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