Dear Families, 

This summer, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services received a federal grant to study and improve the connection between places where children spend their time in their early years (childcare, foster care, home visiting, etc.) and health care (doctors’ offices, specialty care, Early On services, etc.). We are reaching out to family caregivers to help us understand what families see as successful coordination and understand the challenges families face when trying to coordinate services. Our goal is to identify ideas that will strengthen our system and improve support to families.  

To accomplish this, we are forming a committee of family caregivers and early childhood leaders and are asking for your help identifying applicants. Here are some important details for applicants: 

  • The committee will meet every three months for about three hours. 
  • The committee will meet from January of 2022 until September 2023.  
  • We expect all meetings to be virtual by Zoom.  
  • Family committee members will be reimbursed for their time, mileage (if applicable), and childcare.  
We need: 
  • One Family Co-Chair 
  • 5 Family Advisory Committee members
Applicants should meet these criteria: 
  • Must be a primary caregiver (foster caregiver, biological parent/caregiver, or adoptive caregiver) of a child (pregnancy through age 3) 
The Family Co-Chair should have: 
  • Leadership experience. For example, a team leader at work or volunteer committee chair 
  • Past or current board or committee experience 
  • Experience with health or early childhood programs  
Preferred experience for the Family Committee members include: 
  • A primary caregiver of a child (pregnancy through age 3) 
  • Experience navigating health or early childhood programs 
You can use this application to apply for either role. Applications must be received by