The association's staff has recently uncovered exciting opportunities that provide long-term solutions for providing better, more cost-effective health insurance solutions to employees that will involve the creation of a national healthcare purchasing coalition involving other associations.

The coalition’s goal will be to reduce long-term healthcare costs by providing association members with unique solutions that will ultimately insulate them from rapidly changing market conditions that continually plague benefit renewals. From cost aggregation to high-performing organizations that manage risk and consistently deliver better health outcomes and/or lower cost than conventional approaches, members will have access to new solutions for old problems.

The process to create a coalition is complicated and will involve member executives to buy-in to the future versus looking for quick fixes to reduce annual renewal rates.

While we continue to research the many options that exist, it is our desire to begin collecting basic information from all who might be interested in participating.

We ask for your assistance by completing this 5-question survey that will take less than one minute, so that we can begin to better understand the demographics of our group.

As more information becomes available, we will make it available to you.

We appreciate your participation.

Thank you!