What is devolution? It is the transfer of resource and control from central government in Whitehall to regional decision makers. Devolution will allow decision making over policies which affect the regional economy to be made by people who are closer to the issues. Headed up by an elected regional Mayor, devolution aims to ensure that a ‘one size fits all’ Whitehall led approach to policy making does not hinder regional economic success.

The West & North Yorkshire Chamber is seeking to ensure that decisions over devolution take into account the views of business so that the outcomes will genuinely focus on issues which support your business and our region's economy.

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* 1. What is the nature of your business?
(Services includes public sector, education and charities)

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* 2. How informed do you feel about the devolution process?

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* 3. Do you agree that powers, responsibilities and resources should be devolved from central government to the region?

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