As an effort enabling our beloved customers to enjoy Celcom fastest 4G LTE network,
we will deliver a free 4G SIM card to your doorstep.
We appreciate your input for the following accurately.
Thanks in advance for your helpful feedback!

Guidance to fill up information
  • FULL NAME OF PHONE LINE USERS to be provided, to ensure SIM card delivery are appropriately to the correct person.
  • CURRENT MOBILE NUMBER to be provided, this to ensure we can delivery the correct 4G SIM to you
          Phone Number     : 0191234567
           * do not enter symbol "-" in between &
           * do not enter "+6" or "6" in front

  • CURRENT FULL DELIVERY ADDRESS to be provided, please be aware that any wrong address will not be processed.
          Address Line 1    : No 107, Jalan Perkasa
          Address Line 2    : Bandar Puchong Jaya
          City                      : Puchong
          State                    : Selangor
          Postal Code         : 47100

Question Title

* 1. Please fill up following information ACCURATELY