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1. Welcome to My Survey

Thank you for participating in our survey. 
This survey aims at mapping the Innovation Support Organizations (ISOs)* operating in the Mediterranean region in the frame of the Mediterranean Innovation Partnership (MIP) Network for youth entrepreneurship and technology transfer in the agrifood sector (
The relevant information collected will be stored in the database besides these data will be important in the elaboration of MIP report 2021 that describes the innovation scenario in the Mediterranean  in general and in the agrifood sector in particular.
Your feedback as  a stakeholder in the innovation ecosystem in your country is of high importance and will contribute to have a complete overview of the existing entrepreneurship support programs that will enable the MIP network to involve you in the different training and cooperation activities that will be organized in the MIP countries.  This will aim at building for a Mediterranean Innovation Ecosystem Observatory.
The survey responses will be completely anonymized, and your name will never be mentioned. Your personal contact details will never be given to a third party nor will be used for commercial purposes. Please notice that by completing this survey you are consenting to participate in this investigation.
Thank you for your kind cooperation.
*Innovations Support Organizations (ISOs) are structures (namely, clusters, technology parks, business incubators, technology transfer offices, seed accelerators, business angels and early-stage investors, etc.) where young aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, public institutions, private investors, research and training centres, meet to share knowledge, experiences and best practices aimed at building up an "enterprise culture".
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