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Thank you for participating in this survey regarding educational products and services you purchased from CRI®. Your participation in this survey will assist CRI® in providing continuous quality products and services.

* 1. Please rate your experience in obtaining educational products or services from CRI® on the following attributes using a five point scale. If you have no experience or have not purchased a particular product or service, please check never used.

  Very Satisfied (5) (4) (3) (2) Not At All Satisfied (1) Never Used N/A (0)
a. Ease of purchasing the product(s) or services
b. Timeliness in receiving product(s) or services
c. Have the product(s) or services addressed your needs
d. Value of the product(s) or services relative to its price
e. Overall experience with purchasing the product(s) or service

* 2. Using an 10-point scale, where 10 is extremely likely, 0 is not at all likely, how likely would you be to recommend CRI® educational products or services to professional colleagues?

* 3. What suggestions do you have for CRI® to improve its educational products or services offering? (If you have no suggestions please input N/A).

* 4. Please provide your name and preferrred means of contact (e-mail address or telephone number) if you would like to be contacted regarding your experience.

Thank you for your participation in our survey and for your continued interest in CRI® educational products and services.