Welcome to this joint BMA/IGPM survey

PCSE’s new online payments and pensions portal went live on 1 June, as a replacement for the ageing NHAIS system. The system is intended to allow practices to manage their payments and pension deductions. However, the BMA and the Institute of General Practice Management (IGPM) are aware of a large number of issues which have impacted significantly upon practices in the first two months of use.

The principle purpose of this joint survey with the IGPM is to create a ‘snapshot’ of practices’ experiences with the new system in August 2021, the third month of its use. The information collected will help inform the BMA of the extent of remaining significant issues and allow us to hold PCSE to account.

Any data supplied will be viewed by receiving BMA staff only. The aggregated data will be shared with IGPM and, where appropriate, elected BMA members. Data will be retained by the BMA for a period not exceeding six months post the closure of the survey, before final deletion. Statistical data may be used publicly or shared with third parties. No personal data is being collected.