5+ A Day Survey on Resources for Home Economics and Food Technology

Thank you for taking part in this short survey. Cognition Education are sending out the survey on behalf of the 5+ A Day Charitable Trust.
The aim of the survey is to:

·         gather information about the resources that Home Economics and Food Technology teachers currently use 

·         learn which resources are used widely and understand what features make them popular

·         determine if there are any gaps in terms of resources

·         discover more about the approaches used by teachers to create and use topics/units for Home Economics/Food
          Technology in their classrooms.

The survey results will help to shape the resources that the 5+ A Day Charitable Trust could develop and make available to teachers and students. Please complete this survey by 5pm on Wednesday 23 November 2016.
All those who complete the survey will go into a draw to win a $50 grocery voucher. The winner will be notified directly.