Cummins Repower - Genuine Crate Engines and Accessories

Thank you for your willingness to take our survey.  

Cummins Repower began selling factory-built crate engines in 2017 to the enthusiast market with the introduction of the R2.8 Turbo Diesel.  

This engine was chosen first by people like you taking the original Cummins Repower survey that kicked off in 2015.

We want to hear more from you to help us determine what's next for Cummins Repower.  More engines? More power? More options?  All of the above?  You decide!


The Cummins Repower Team

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* 4. Are you interested in purchasing a Cummins Repower crate engine?

* 5. Where did you first hear about Cummins Repower?

* 6. What vehicle year range do you plan to install a Cummins Repower crate engine into?

* 7. What is the number one reason you would want a crate engine (from any manufacturer)?

* 8. What is the number one reason you would want a genuine Cummins Repower crate engine?

* 9. What Cummins Repower crate engine would work best for your project?

* 10. What is the main reason you would not purchase an R2.8 Turbo Diesel crate engine for your project?

* 11. Who would install your crate engine?

* 12. What is your primary duty cycle for a Cummins crate engine?

* 13. What other additional genuine Cummins parts interest you as options for Cummins Repower crate engines?
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* 14. Are you aware of the following Cummins services/programs? (choose all that apply)

* 15. Which is more important to you when it comes to your vehicle and modifications?

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* 16. What else would you like us to know?