Information Statement

School of Health Sciences and Psychology
Project title: Exploring the function of cosmetic consumption in men and women - Part 1

Dear participant,

You are invited to participate in the research project identified above, being conducted by Danielle Wagstaff, a lecturer of the School of Health Sciences and Psychology at Federation University, Australia.

We are interested in what motivates people to engage in personal grooming behaviour, to purchase cosmetic products, and to use makeup. We are interested in how BOTH men and women’s behaviour is affected by a number of variables, such as how you feel about yourself, your sexual attitudes, your attitude to gender roles, and your tendency to engage in competition with others.

If you decide to participate, you will be asked to complete the following survey, which will ask you a range of questions about your cosmetic consumption, purchase behaviour, brand awareness, and makeup use. We will ask you some demographic questions, your attitudes towards gender, sex, and yourself, your sexual behaviour, as well as some personality questions, characteristics that you might desire in a partner, and your competitive tactics. The survey will take up to 30 minutes.

The questionnaire is completely anonymous and participation is voluntary. Only group data will be analysed. If you would like to withdraw from the questionnaire, you can do so at any time by closing your browser window. Due to the anonymous nature of the questionnaire, once you have answered questions or completed the survey, we will have no way to withdraw your data, so please consider carefully before answering each question.

There is no obligation to answer any questions in this survey, so you may leave questions blank if you wish.

While it is unlikely, if for some reason you do feel uncomfortable while answering the questions in this survey, such as the questions about your sexuality or sexual behaviour, please do not continue, and do not hesitate to contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

At the completion of your participation, you may choose to go into a random draw to win a $50 of your choice. Your survey data will not be linked to your entry into the random draw, thus maintaining anonymity.

The information collected in this survey will be used for research purposes only, and may be presented in scientific journals or scientific conferences.
This research has been approved by Federation University Ethics Committee: B-16-115
If you have any questions, or you would like further information regarding the project titled Exploring the function of cosmetic consumption in men and women, please contact the Principal Researcher, Danielle Wagstaff of the School of Health Sciences and Psychology:
PH: +61 3 5327 6247
Should you (i.e. the participant) have any concerns about the ethical conduct of this research project, please contact the Federation University Ethics Officers, Research Services, Federation University Australia,
P O Box 663 Mt Helen Vic 3353 or Northways Rd, Churchill Vic 3842.
Telephone:  (03)  5327 9765,  (03) 5122 6446
CRICOS Provider Number 00103D

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