* 1. Which of the following sales skills training methods do you prefer? (Choose all that apply)

* 2. How would you rate these methods used by your organization to deliver sales force training and development?

  Very Effective Effective Somewhat Effective Least Effective N/A
Instructor-led, classroom-based training
Instructor-led, online training (webinars)
Self-paced eLearning
Manager-led training (sales manager delivers training)
Social learning (search engines, blogs, communities, and groups)
Mobile learning (smartphones, tablets)
Video-based learning
Formal live coaching
On-the-job training
On-the-job coaching

* 3. For the different types of training listed below, please indicate the modality that you would most prefer to participate in.

  Classroom-based Standalone eLearning Webinar Video-based
Selling Skills Training
Negotiations Training
Product Knowledge Training
Sales Methodology Training
Sales Coaching Training

* 4. What is your current role?

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