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Thank you for submitting your ideas/thoughts to the City of Bellevue. The following questionnaire should take about five minutes to complete. Your feedback will be used to help Bellevue Parks & Community Services further refine its long-range funding strategy, including a possible upcoming ballot measure to increase investment in Parks.

Last fall and winter, Bellevue Parks & Community Services conducted outreach related to the long-range Parks & Open Space System Plan update. The parks plan provides guidance on parks, trails, and open space system throughout Bellevue. The plan is nearly complete, with adoption expected this summer. This questionnaire is based on objectives in the parks plan, and we will seek additional community input as we implement the plan.

This questionnaire is being conducted for research purposes only; the information you share will not be connected in any way to any personally identifiable information. Contact Ryan Walker at RWalker@BellevueWA.gov with questions related to this questionnaire. 

This questionnaire is available in eight languages.  If you require additional interpretation assistance, please contact the Bellevue language assistance phone lines

Question Title

* 1. In the past 12 months, have you or someone in your household visited any of the following types of public or private parks or recreation facilities in Bellevue (select all that apply)?

Question Title

* 2. How frequently do you or someone in your household visit any of the following types of public or private parks or recreation facilities in Bellevue?

  Yearly Monthly Weekly Daily Not at all
Community beach, waterfront park, or boat launch
Outdoor sport field or sport court
Open area for unstructured play or picnicking such as fields or plazas
Trail through forests, wetlands, or other natural areas
Swimming pool
Indoor sports facility or fitness center
Community center or park visitor center
Designated off-leash dog area
Park with display gardens
Multi-purpose trail for walking, running, biking, and rolling

Question Title

* 3. Bellevue Parks & Community Services acquires land, develops new parks, and improves and redevelops existing park sites.  Over the next ten years, where do you feel Parks and Community Services investment should be focused?

Question Title

* 4. The following are categories of parks and recreation facilities generally considered for development or to add to the system. Rate your interest in funding additional property acquisition or development in each category over the next ten years.

  Low - 1 2 3 4 5 - High
Greenway and trail system
Open space and natural areas
Neighborhood parks
Community parks
Outdoor active recreation facilities, such as fields, courts, and off-leash areas
Indoor facilities for recreation, community gathering, or cultural activities
Water access
Parks and trails in the densest areas, such as Downtown
Historical preservation

Question Title

* 5. The following is a list of more specific park facilities for potential development or property acquisition.  Select up to five choices that you would like to receive additional investment in the next ten years.

Question Title

* 6. Are there specific parks, trails, and open space facilities that you would like to see added to the system or developed that are not listed above? (50 character limit)

Thank you!  Results will be posted on the Bellevue Parks and Community Services website when the survey is closed. If you would like to receive additional news from Bellevue Parks & Community Services, sign up for our e-newsletter here.