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Let's start!

Thank you for taking the time to contribute to our Safety Management Trend Report Survey 2021. This survey aims to understand real-life OSH applications and share this information with as many OSH professionals as possible.

The questionnaire will focus on three aspects:
  • Real-life safety management
  • OSH for future generations
  • The impact of Covid-19 on the future of OSH

Answering the questions will take approximately 10 minutes

Your answers will be anonymized and processed in compliance with the relevant data protection laws. No connection will be made between the answers given and your person. Information about the data protection policy can be found here. By clicking "OK" you agree to these terms & conditions and the survey will start. You can revoke your declaration of consent at any time. 

Question Title

1. What is your role as an OSH professional?

Question Title

2. How much of your work is OSH related?

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4. Does your company operate internationally?

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5. How many people does your company employ?

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6. In what industry is your company active?

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