Orman Guidance is coordinating a paid research study on the topic of Post High School Education. This study is for parents of high school students. There is also an opportunity for your student (age 16, 17, and 18) to participate in a group of their peers!

This study is taking place at a local meeting venue between January 14th-18th, 2020. 

We will follow up with you via telephone if you fit into a segment that is being studied. You will be compensated $75 for your time and opinions if you qualify and participate in the study.

1. If your answers align with the mix of consumers we seek for follow-up, and you would like to be chosen to complete the in-person session, please provide your telephone number and email address at the end of these questions.
2. This is a paid market research opportunity; there are never any sales involved during or as a result of your participation.

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* 1. I certify that I have read the preceding statements and agree to answer the survey questions.