Greetings Guardians,

Once again, we're here to ask your opinion on the game! Today we want to know your thoughts on mini games.

Thank you for your continued support. Have a great day!

Question Title

* 1. Please rate how much you enjoy the current game types in Hidden Chronicles:

  Strongly Dislike Dislike Neutral Like Strongly Like
Standard Hidden Object: Find a limited list of clues in a scene.
Concentration: Memory and matching.
Rummage: Sift through items to find randomly placed objects.
FastFind: Timed search for clues.
Jigsaw: Assemble pieces to form a complete object.

Question Title

* 2. How interested would you be in playing Mini Games independently from scenes?
(i.e. You wouldn't need to be within a scene to play the Mini Game)

  Strongly Dislike Dislike Indifferent Interested Strongly Interested
Playing Mini Games separately from scenes

Question Title

* 3. If you could add the next game mode to Hidden Chronicles, rate your interest in each of these general categories.

  Strongly Dislike Dislike Indifferent Like Strongly Like
Memorization: Flashcard, memory, part, or puzzle identification.
Language: Translation, puns, scrambled words, etc.
Attention: Find differences, assemble objects, replace missing pieces, or sorting.
Athleticism: Click, drag, scribble, speed, or precision based actions.