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Only one form per agency/ CDEM Group is to be completed and submitted by 28 October 2016.
The purpose of Exercise Tangaroa Phase 2 (Day 2) is for the conduct of table top exercises and workshop activities associated with Post Impact: Response Elements with a Welfare, Lifeline Utilities and Business Continuity focus.

This form has been designed for agencies who are conducting exercise activities associated with Exercise Tangaroa Phase 2 (Day 2), Post Impact.

Different aspects and issues associated with Post Impact will be identified by agencies.  It is the intent that only the relevant components of this form, in line with your agency’s Post Impact exercise activities, are required to be completed.

The Exercise Tangaroa Participation Guides for Welfare, Lifelines Utilities, and Business Continuity may also be consulted for the conduct of table top exercises and/or workshop activities for Phase 2 (Day 2).
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