How to complete this evaluation

Only one form per CDEM Group is to be completed and submitted.  This form is to be completed and submitted by 28 October 2016.

This electronic version of the evaluation form mirrors the Word version of the same titled form.   Not all national objectives and KPIs are relevant for this evaluation form.

It is compulsory to answer each Evaluation Criteria using the Ratings – Met, Not Met, Partially Met, Not Applicable or Not Tested. 
An explanation of these Ratings are:
·      Met: The Evaluation Criteria was met in all instances.
·      Not Met: The Evaluation Criteria was not met in any instance.
·      Partially Met: The Evaluation Criteria was met in some instances, but there were incomplete tasks associated with this Evaluation Criteria.
·      Not Applicable or Not Tested as part of the exercise.
In all sections, the comments on the agency’s performance are compulsory and should be used to explain/expand your Rating answers. 

There are some Evaluation Criteria requiring a Yes/ No/ NA/ Not Used response.  These responses are required as part of the Overall summary of capability and performance and Comments and observations on exercise planning process sections of this evaluation form.

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