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Is your organization inclusive? Are your leaders truly inclusive?

Organizations need leaders who embody inclusion.  Developing inclusive leaders requires a unique and concerted effort.

This research seeks to answer:
  • How do employers prioritize inclusive leadership as a driver of business results and talent retention?
  • How do organizations support efforts toward more inclusion?
  • How are organization embedding inclusion in other business goals?
  • What are employers doing to overcome barriers to an inclusive culture?
Brandon Hall Group will leverage the research results to create reports and tools to help organizations understand the best ways to promote and support inclusive leadership, which can improve talent retention. In appreciation for taking 7-8 minutes to share your opinions, we will:
  • Share summary results of the research (6-8 weeks after survey launch).
  • Provide immediate download access to the Brandon Hall Group research summary, How to Build a Culture that Embraces and Fosters Inclusion.
Your survey responses remain confidential and your name is not given to external parties or associated with responses. Survey findings are only reported in aggregate. If you agree, you may be contacted by an analyst to request a confidential, qualitative research interview. 

Thank you for participating in this survey.

Thanks for particpating!
Claude Werder and Rachel Cooke, Brandon Hall Group