Welcome to Top Shops!

This year marks the tenth annual Modern Machine Shop Top Shops benchmarking survey, which highlights the attributes shared by leading U.S. machining businesses.

Again this year, participants fully completing the survey will receive additional value in reports customized for their own shop. The reports are designed to make it quick and easy to know where you stand compared to the Top Shops benchmarking group and to other shops. Answer the survey questions, provide your email address and select 'Submit Responses' at the end of the survey to receive at a later date your custom report packed with useful perspective. You will automatically link to mmsonline.com once your survey is successfully submitted. If you need to gather data or you get interrupted, you may close and return to the survey on this same device as many times as you like until you select 'Submit Responses' on the final page. As always, all responses will remain confidential.

Additionally, if you'd like to enter the Top Shops Honors Program competition, be sure to provide your email address as well as all the other contact information requested. Shops selected for the Honors Program will be profiled in an upcoming issue of Modern Machine Shop magazine. Do not provide contact information if you'd like to remain anonymous.

This survey must be completed by February 24 17, 2020. Click here to download a PDF of the survey if you want to review the questions, consult with your team, and prepare your responses before entering them online here. It is important that you answer all of the questions in order to ensure data quality and to receive your customized report. If you have questions, please contact Derek Korn, Executive Editor—Modern Machine Shop at dkorn@mmsonline.com.