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This study surveys software maintainers, security leaders, engineering leaders, developers, and students to assess their secure software development needs. The objective of this survey is to identify where organizations and IT professionals want to improve their security posture across the design, development, and verification of software development. The research seeks to promote a "security by design" approach to software developer education and enhance security education programs based on identified research findings.

We will summarize the survey data and findings in a report that will be published in the coming months on the Linux Foundation website. The dataset for this survey and instructions for its use will be posted and made publicly available in the Linux Foundation's section of Data.World.

By taking this survey, you are contributing to the improvement of security education, which benefits the entire open source software ecosystem. After completing the survey, you'll receive an exclusive link which you can use to receive 20% off registration to the Secure Open Source Software (SOSS) Fusion Conference, taking place in Atlanta, Georgia from October 22-23, 2024. SOSS Fusion is a premier event for both upstream producers and downstream consumers of open source software, bringing together a diverse array of professionals – from the public sector to software developers, security engineers, and cybersecurity experts to CISOs, CIOs, Founders, and tech pioneers.

In addition, as a thank you for qualifying and completing this survey, a code will be displayed on the confirmation page which can be used for a 30% discount on any Linux Foundation e-learning training course or certification exam.

* You can find the complete catalog of training and certifications at https://training.linuxfoundation.org/full-catalog/. This offer is available to anyone who completes the survey and uses the applicable coupon to register for a single e-learning course or certification before June 30, 2024 23:59 UTC. It is NOT valid for any other combination of e-learning or instructor-led-training courses or certifications. Discount limited to individual purchases ONLY. Offer not valid with any other discount combinations. Offer does not include THRIVE-ONE subscriptions or any FinOps courses and certifications.

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