Background on the Confidence Self-Assessment

"Coming in with the answer" is one of the nine behaviors leaders, regardless of where they are in an organization, need to be alert to.  We are more likely to do this when we believe we know how all the parts and pieces of an organization fit together and consider ourselves to be fluent in how a business makes money, differentiates itself, and grows.

According to Michael Mauboussin, author of The Success Equation, “People who think that they know more than they do are less motivated to learn and improve than those who understand their limitations. Indeed, one study showed that the least capable people have the largest gap between what they think they can do and what they actually achieve.”  Andrew Macken at Montgomery Funds indicates that more than 700 people have taken the test that follows. Their accuracy rate in responding to the questions posed is 60.5 percent, but their confidence level is 70 percent.

This self-assessment allows you to assess your own level of confidence.    After answering each of the true/false questions that follow, indicate how confident you are in your answer by selecting your probability of correctness from the dropdown box. A value of 50% means you have no idea what the right answer is (the same probability as a random guess between the two choices); a value of 100% means you are completely confident in your answer.

The assessment should take you about 15-20 minutes to fill out (there are 100 true/false questions).  At the end, we'll show you your overall score and the correct answers to each question.  We are still working on a way to provide you with some insights into your confidence level as soon as you complete the assessment, but we will provide you with this information within 36 hours of submitting your responses.

Please note that because there is no charge for this self-assessment, only one (1) assessment per respondent will be processed.

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