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Welcome to the 2024 World of Open Source: Global Spotlight Survey!

This study aims to better understand the dynamics of open source across regions and industries. This survey should take you about 15 minutes. You can change the language of the survey in the top right corner of the page.

We will summarize the survey data and findings in a report to be published on the Linux Foundation website. The dataset for this survey will be posted and made publicly available in the Linux Foundation's section of Data.World.

As a thank you for completing this survey, a code will be displayed on the confirmation page. It can be used for a 30% discount on any Linux Foundation e-learning training course or certification exam if you register for a course by August 31, 2024. You can find the complete catalog of training and certifications at https://training.linuxfoundation.org/full-catalog/. The promotional price is limited to individual purchases only. The offer is not valid with any other discount combinations. Offer does not include THRIVE-ONE subscriptions or any FinOps courses and certifications.

ADDED BONUS: If you qualify for and complete this survey, Linux Foundation Research will also make a donation to the Linux Foundation’s Travel Fund. The Linux Foundation’s Travel Fund enables open source developers and community members to attend events that they would otherwise be unable to attend due to a lack of funding. Your participation in this survey will help others in our community!

No personal identifying information will be linked to the responses. Data collection in this survey is subject to the Linux Foundation’s Privacy Policy, available at https://linuxfoundation.org/privacy