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1. What is your age?

2. What is your primary mode of transportation?

3. Do you have any of the following disabilities that affect your mobility when traveling on sidewalks? Check all that apply.

4. What is the usual purpose of your walking trip?

5. What are the biggest challenges you experience as a pedestrian along ADOT facilities?

6. What general conditions related to physical accessibility do you find to be the most difficult?

7. If you have a disability, or travel with someone who has a disability, what accessibility issues do you typically face?

8. Please rank the following types of ADA improvements necessary to achieve greater accessibility, with 1 being the highest priority.

  1 2 3 4 5 6
Improve sidewalks at driveways
Install/improve crosswalk markings
Improve pedestrian signals
Install/improve curb ramps
Improve median refuge
Improve sidewalks/walkways

9. Are there other services, programs, or ADOT owned facilities that you think are inaccessible? Please provide details.

10. Is the Americans with Disability policy and greivance procedure clear enough to understand the process?

11. Please provide any comments regarding the policy.