1. How do you secure your mobile device?

2. Do you use letters, numbers, or special characters in your passwords?

3. How often do you change your passwords?

4. Do you allow your browser to save any passwords?

5. Do you ever reuse passwords?

6. Do you use any password management services?

7. Do you want your mobile devices to support biometric (fingerprint, iris scan, etc) authentication?

8. Do you use any multi-factor authentication techniques?

9. How many times have your online accounts been hacked?

10. How many times have you received notice from a company with whom you have an account that their servers were compromised?

11. Has your identity ever been stolen?

12. Have your credit cards ever been fraudulently used?

13. Have you ever received an alert of fraudulent credit card use?

14. Do you use photo geotagging on your smartphone?

15. Do you know how to adjust your mobile device's privacy permissions?

16. Do you read the permissions requests for apps?

17. Which mobile payments systems to you use?

18. Do you feel safe using mobile payment systems?

19. What platforms mean ‘business’ to you?

20. Would you use your personal mobile device for work?

21. How often do you use your personal mobile device for work business?

22. Given the option, would you rather use your own mobile device for business, or have a corporate-issued device?

23. Do you think Bring-Your-Own-Device is good for businesses?