The Committee welcomes your input on agencies.

Please share your comments, concerns or suggestions about agencies currently under study, or any other agencies.  The agencies currently under study by the House Legislative Oversight Committee are listed below.

          South Carolina Department of Public Safety;
          South Carolina Department of Agriculture;
          South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control;
          Law Enforcement Training Council and Criminal Justice Academy;
          South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs;
          South Carolina Election Commission;
          South Carolina Human Affairs Commission;
          John de la Howe School;
          South Carolina Adjutant General's Office;
          South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs;
          South Carolina Department of Natural Resources; and
          Patriots Point Development Authority.

The House Legislative Oversight Committee seeks input and observations from citizens because they may help direct the Committee to potential areas for improvement with agencies.    
Providing input to the House Legislative Oversight Committee in this format is not considered testimony.  The Committee is asking for some general characteristics about those choosing to provide input.  The Committee does not seek any identifying personal information from those choosing to provide input.  Please note that responses will be posted online and may be quoted verbatim in a Committee report.
When additional agencies come under study, the House Legislative Oversight Committee provides a link to a different survey about these agencies which is available to the public for thirty days.  If you participated in one of those surveys but have additional information, you can provide it here.  If you were unable to participate in a survey, or there has not yet been one for the agency you would like to make comments about, you can provide those comments here. 
The House Legislative Oversight Committee typically only reviews comments about an agency when it is being considered for study or when it is under study.