Excellent customer service is important to CDRH. Thank you for providing feedback about the service you received. It should take less than five minutes to complete the survey. Your response is anonymous and will be used to improve CDRH Customer Service. Visit our website to learn about the CDRH customer service initiative, our Standards of Excellence, and view our customer satisfaction rating.

The CDRH customer service survey does not replace existing formal complaint mechanisms and is not intended to measure satisfaction with CDRH regulatory decisions. Your participation/nonparticipation is completely voluntary and your responses will not have an effect on your eligibility for receipt of any FDA services. If you voluntarily provide identity information, this information collection fully complies with all aspects of the Privacy Act and data will be kept private to the fullest extent allowed by law.

* 1. Overall, I am satisfied with the Customer Service I received.

* 2. What factors or processes contributed to your overall satisfaction with the interaction?

* 3. Which Office(s) did you interact with at CDRH?

* 4. How did you interact with CDRH?

* 5. Did you receive an acknowledgement of receipt or a response to your email/ phone call within 2 business days of your inquiry?

* 6. In my interaction, CDRH...

  Strongly Agree Agree Somewhat Agree Somewhat Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
Actively listened
Was knowledgeable
Posed at least one viable solution
Appeared receptive to my feedback
Explained the rationale for their response
Set reasonable expectations for follow-up
Treated me with courtesy and respect
Addressed the meeting objectives (for meetings only)
Were the right people for the meeting (for meetings only)
Held an effective meeting (for meetings only)