* 1. IRB # 709-10-EX

Dear Participant,

You have been invited to take part in this research study. The information in this letter is meant to help you decide whether or not to take part. If you have any questions, please contact jenniferwhite@unomaha.edu, 402-554-3251.

You are reading this letter because you are currently pregnant or have given birth in the last 12 months and are 19-44 years of age. As a result of this research we hope to provide data that will help develop programs that will help improve the health of pregnant women and their children.

Physical activity participation among pregnant women is lower than non-pregnant women and little is known about nutrition behaviors of these women. The internet may provide avenues for women to be supported for healthy eating and physical activity behaviors during and after pregnancy. The purpose of this study is to determine the degree to which pregnant women currently seek internet information related to these behaviors and to improve the health of pregnant women and their children overall. A questionnaire developed by a team of researchers is being utilized to gain more information on your usage of the internet. Since this is a research project and other researchers have contributed to the development of this questionnaire, we are unable to add or modify questions. The information that you provide will NOT be identified.

This survey is completely voluntary. You may refuse to participate or answer questions at any time without penalty. All of your answers are kept strictly confidential. We are asking for a minimal amount of your time to assist in this research study. The survey usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

You should not experience any risk or discomfort by participating in this questionnaire. Your answers may benefit the community by providing information about the needs of pregnant women and how internet services can better be designed to improve health behaviors. You may not get any benefit from being in this research study.

If you have questions or concerns about this survey or this research in general, you may contact Dr. Jennifer Huberty (jenniferwhite@unomaha.edu) 402-554-3251 at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.