1. What's most important to you in a mobile platform?

2. What's least important to you in a mobile platform?

3. Which of these devices do you own and use?

4. What's your ideal desktop screen size?

5. What's your ideal laptop screen size?

6. What's your ideal tablet screen size?

7. What's your ideal smartphone screen size?

8. Do you want cellular connectivity in your tablet?

9. Which devices would you want to include advanced stylus support?

10. Are phablets deserving of their own product category?

11. How many lines are on your personal cellular account?

12. Which device types are connected to your personal cellular account?

13. How much data is available on your cellular account?

14. How much cellular data do you typically use in a month?

15. Which platforms are operating in your home?

16. Who makes the best cohesive software ecosystem?

17. Do you use any services to sync or share across platforms?

18. Do you have a desire to have your entire household operating on one platform/ecosystem?

19. Would you buy a mobile device due to its perceived gender identity?

20. Do you believe gender-based marketing is a problem in mobile tech?

21. Do you want to have a large online following?

22. How do you actively pursue a larger online following?

23. Have you ever been surprised at the response to an online posting of yours?

24. Has an attention-getting online post affected your life or career?

25. What do you want to be able to customize on your OS?

26. How important is the color of your smartphone?

27. Would you be willing to pay more for a custom-colored phone?

28. Given the option, what color smartphone would you prefer?

29. Why would you use a case on your smartphone?

30. Does appearance influence your decision to buy accessories?